Grip Socks You Can Count On

April 26 2023
Stay grounded through your workouts with dependable grip socks—extra grippy to keep you safe and in place. Choose fro...

Pilates for Puppies with the SD Humane Society

September 01 2022

This year, 50,000 animals will rely on San Diego Humane Society for help. Join us for the Pilates for Puppies FREE event on Saturday, September 24th - bring a friend and help support!


Why Our Grip Socks Stand Out

August 10 2022
Stay grounded through your workouts with dependable grip socks—extra grippy to keep you safe and in place. Choose fro...

Happy “National Pilates Day!” The Benefits of Pilates You Never Kne...

May 07 2022
Pilates is one of the most challenging yet rewarding workouts! So, it only makes sense that we shine a bright, beauti...

7 Ways to Spend World Health Day

April 07 2022
April 7th is World Health Day, and although chiseled abs and toned arms may come to mind, let us remember that health...

Feeling less limber? Enjoy these four pro tips to increase flexibility

March 14 2022
  The winter months keep us indoors more than usual, which often means more couch time, more time in bed, and less mo...

Love Your Body, Love Somebody – A Must-Attend Yoga Event

February 09 2022
Well, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, people are tapping into creative, special ways to celebrate love, including celebrating themselves with self-love honoring events.

At Home Workout with Sara from Retreat AXA

March 16 2020
One of our favorite studios is down in the sunny Caribbean Islands, Anguilla. Retreat AXA is a full-service wellness ...

Barre and Brunch

February 14 2020
Hi everyone! My name is Andrea and I have a blog called Barre & Brunch that focuses on fitness, food, and wellnes...

Barre Variations 20 Minute Workout

January 27 2020
Meet Michelle from Barre Variations. Her technique is inclusive, creative and backed by proper biomechanics. Michelle has a BFA in dance, PMA-CPT, 200 hour Yoga certification and trained in The Roll Model Method by Jill Miller. Michelle put together together a 20 minute prenatal workout that's just as challenging even if you aren't pregnant. Read on to try her workout and get some of your prenatal workout questions answered! 

20 Minute At Home Workout with Page One Pilates

December 26 2019
Owner and instructor at Page One Pilates in Chicago, IL, Page has been a certified pilates instructor for over 10 yea...

Sanity Not Vanity: Alysia at Purely Pope

December 03 2019
Meet Alysia from Purely Pope. She shares one of her favorite recipes for the colder temperatures, vegan pumpkin chili...

Sanity Not Vanity: Natasha

November 05 2019
Meet LA-based actor and model, Natasha. She is the epitome of what Pointe Studio means when we say "sanity not vanity...

Stop So You Can Move Forward

March 28 2019
The word mindfulness has become a buzzword, especially in the fitness and mental health space. We’re bombarded with m...

Studio Flow: Current State

February 04 2019
As the general manager of boutique, juice bar, and fitness studio Current State, Chelsea Boucher strives to create a...

How to Practice Wellness on the Weekend

October 03 2018
Despite the fact that it's becoming more and more common to have jobs — or side hustles — that extend outside (or abo...

5 Ways to Stay Motivated

August 30 2018
When it comes to fitness and wellness, we all need a little extra motivation some days. And we don't know about you, ...

Sanity Not Vanity

December 16 2017
We believe in sanity not vanity, in that mental vacay you get when you sweat it out. We're after the stress relief, t...
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